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The Process

Getting Us the Docs
We try to keep it simple.  Once you create an account you will receive an automated email with instructions on sending us the documents.  Once we've received the docs we'll start our review and prepare them for the meeting with the signer(s).  
Getting it Booked
We're flexible. We understand that smooth closings come around about as much as Bigfoot. We'll take care of all the scheduling and free you up to work on the mountain of other things already on your plate. No need to go back and forth coordinating.  We've got you.  And we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.  When we have a confirmed date and time with the signer(s) an invitation email will be sent with a link to the signing session.  On top of the signer(s) we can add anyone that needs to be included in the session.  If the signer wants their broker to oversee or a witness is required we can add them to the session as additional signers or observers.  Automatic reminder messages will go out shortly before the session.  We know plans change an sometimes a session needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Look over the cancellation policy here.
Getting it Closed
Once the docs are prepared the signer(s) will receive an invitation email to the notarization session. The link in the email will take the signer(s) to the online notarization platform where they will be walked through ID verification and the KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication). When the signer(s) are authenticated they will meet the notary and begin the notarization.  Sessions usually last somewhere between 30-60 minutes.  Once the session is complete the docs are immediately available for download and will be emailed directly to you.  So no more waiting for docs that are lost or damaged.  The process is fast and easy!
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