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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an Online Notarization?

A Remote Online Notarization (RON) is where a signer meets with a notary virtually using audio/video technology on a secure platform.  The process lets the signer get documents notarized anywhere using a computer, tablet or smartphone.   It's also known as virtual notarization, web notarization or simply online notarization.

What is the process?

First, you'll schedule an appointment on the US Notary Service website.  Once scheduled you will receive an email confirmation with the procedure for submitting your document(s).  Once the document(s) are received your notary will prepare them for the session.  Next you will receive an email invitation for the notarization session.  Once you log into the session you will be prompted to complete an ID verification and the Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) which is a series of a few questions.  After your identification has been verified you will enter the session and be connected with your notary.  The notary will confirm the ID verification and walk you through the notarization.  After the notarization(s) are completed and the session is over you will have immediate access to your completed notarized documents. 

Is Online Notarization Legal?

Remote Online Notarization is legal and accepted in all 50 states.  It's not common but certain documents may require an in-state notary per municipality policies.  Double check with your municipality to be sure.

How are ID verification and KBA performed?

US Notary Service partners with a 3rd party provider to ensure the signer's identity. Identity verification requires two steps. First, the signer must complete the Knowledge Based Authentication by answering specific questions that confirm their identity. Second, the signer must photograph the front and back of their driver's license using a smartphone. The signer then sends these images through an encrypted channel where they undergo a multi-layered identity analysis. Only signers with a confirmed identity can proceed with the online notarization session. 

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