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#1 Trusted Online Closing Partner for Real Estate Pros

With over 10 years in the real estate industry let our expert notaries help you get deals!

How it works

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Email us your documents

Get us the docs

Shoot us an email with the closing details, contact information for the signer(s) and the documents. We'll review and prepare them for the signing.    

We'll book the appointment with your client

Get it booked

We'll take care of all the scheduling directly with the signer(s) so you don't have to.  Once it's scheduled and the docs are prepared an invitation with a link for the signing will be emailed to the signer(s) and anyone else that needs to join such as a title agent, broker, witness etc...

We'll send you the completed documents asap

Get it closed

After the session is complete the docs are instantly available and we'll get them to you right away.  No more hoping they get there on time.

Designed for Industry Professionals

US Notary Service is your one-stop destination for convenient and secure online notarization services, specializing in real estate closings. As industry leaders in providing effortless and reliable notarization solutions, we offer a seamless digital experience that caters to all your real estate transaction needs.

At US Notary Service, we understand the time-sensitive nature of real estate closings and the need for a trusted notary to authenticate and notarize important documents. Our online platform provides the perfect solution for individuals, agents,  attorneys and real estate professionals, offering a swift and hassle-free notarization process – from anywhere.

Our experienced and certified notaries are always ready to assist you in completing your real estate transactions efficiently, while ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. By choosing our services, you benefit from:

1. Convenience: Our online platform allows your clients to securely notarize documents from the comfort of their home or office, eliminating the need for in-person appointments, travel or tracking down and relying on an out of town notary.

2. Efficiency: With our streamlined process, we reduce the time and effort required for notarization, enabling faster transactions and minimizing delays in your real estate closing.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for physical presence, travel costs, and related expenses, our online notarization services save you both time and money.

Through our platform, we notarize a wide range of real estate documents to ensure your transactions proceed smoothly. Here are some examples of what we can help with:

-Buyer and Seller packages

-Cash deals

-Lease Agreements
-Purchase Agreements
-Power of Attorney (POA)
-Homeowners' Association (HOA) Documents

-Closing Disclosure Forms
-Transfer of Ownership Documents
-Loan Modification Agreements


-Mortgage Agreements

-Deeds and Titles

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, and we are equipped to handle any additional real estate documents that require notarization.

With US Notary Service, you can trust that your real estate transactions will be executed with precision, reliability, and utmost legal compliance. Our commitment to excellent customer service and dedication to simplifying the notarization process sets us apart. Join our growing community of satisfied customers and experience the future of online notarization for real estate closings.  Get started today and let us assist you in closing your real estate deals efficiently.

James Scott, PA

“It's nice to have someone to count on to make my job easier."

Tammy Dodge, NY

"I feel like I have my own assistant that knows what I need before I do."

Alexis Marshell, MI

“The force is strong with this one.”
National Notary Association Accredited
Background Screened
Loan Signing System certified
Certified Notary Signing Agent
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